With the success of MSTC’s e-auction portal for sale of various materials and the knowledge gathered in the field of e-Commerce, MSTC launched its first version of e-procurement platform in 2007. MSTC used to conduct e-tenders for procuring goods & services on behalf various clients. Subsequently, MSTC upgraded its e-procurement platform and version 2 was developed in the year 2012. In this upgraded version MSTC used to provide customised e-tendering platforms to various clients as per their requirements. The buyer organisations and the tendering authorities float e-tenders in their customised e-tendering platforms and the vendors registered for the respective buyers can participate in the events.

This customised e-procurement platform has more than fifty clients that include many Central & State Public Sector Units, Banks and various Ministries of Government of India. The highly customised e-tendering portal UDAN is developed in this platform for Ministry of Civil Aviation, which is used for selection of Airline operators for their Regional Connectivity Scheme. The DEEP (Discovery of Efficient Electricity Price) Portal of Ministry of Power, which is also part of this platform, is used by various Discoms to procure power. Likewise the TBCB bidding platform has been developed for Ministry of Power for selection of Transmission Service Providers.

Recently, in 2020, MSTC has launched the most versatile e-procurement solution Version 3, which is enriched with various advanced user friendly features. This new platform has the features to reach the target groups that ensure better participation and efficient price discovery.

Some of the bidding modules available in MSTC’s e-Procurement platform are given below:


Single / Two / Three cover tender

HTML / Excel based bidding

Single / Multiple Currency bidding

Quality Cost Bases Selection (QCBS)

Swiss Challenge

e-Reverse Auction:

Single / Multiple input bidding

Price cum Quantity bidding

L1 matching & bucket filling

Besides the above listed bidding modules, this platform can be configured to accommodate various customised solutions. It has many customised bidding options to fulfil specific requirements of the buyer organisations.