MSTC, a Government of India Company is engaged in domestic and international trading activity for over 30 years. It was the canalising agency for import in India of Carbon Steel Melting Scrap and also Sponge Iron / Hot Briquetted Iron and Re-rollable Scrap till February, 1992. It was also the canalising agency for old ships for breaking. It specializes in international trade of ferrous input materials and imported millions of tons of ferrous melting scrap, old ships for breaking, Sponge Iron, Hot Briquetted Iron, Re-rollable Scrap etc. It also exported thousands of tons of ferrous scrap, jute products etc. The Company also undertakes marketing of ferrous and miscellaneous scrap arising from Integrated Steel Plants, Engineering Companies, Refineries, Power Plants, Coal and Transport Sector, Defence and other Government Departments / Private Sector Organisations in the domestic market. The Company has paid-up capital of Rs. 2.20 crores and Reserve of over Rs. 47 crores.

Marketing Division

This Division largely undertook import and export of Carbon Steel Melting Scrap and now enlarging its import activity in Steel/Coal/Coke as also other non-traditional items like SKO, Non-ferrous and Ferro-alloy items.

The volume of imports in the fiscal 2003-04 was around Rs. 3400 Crore and in 2004-05 is expected to be Rs 5000 Crore.

MSTC with its network of 8 offices all over India, and its policy of operating on a very small margin is in a unique position to help International Commodity traders establish a market and clientele on a long term basis.

Selling Agency Division

The Division is responsible for disposal of ferrous and miscellaneous scrap from steel plants as well as disposal of scrap and used stores, rejected, wastes, etc. and surplus items from over 150 Public Sector Undertakings and Departments. The Corporation also has a Management Services Division which provides the operational divisions regular feed back on market research. The Company's registered and corporate office is located at Calcutta and it has four Regional Offices at Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. Besides, the company has branch offices at Bangalore, Vizag, Bhopal, Vadodara, Trichy and Surat.