Street No. 175, Plot No. CF 18/2, Action Area 1C
Newtown, Kolkata-700 156, India
Phone : (033) 2340-0000/0011/0012/0013
e-Auction Calendar

e-Auction Schedule for Plot No.09/24 (A)

Auction for 01-24A-ET-41496

01 plot PROGRAMME 84-23 A


Auction PROGRAMME Plot_89-23 A

02 plot AUCTION PROGRAMME 78-23A 95-23A

02 plot AUCTION PROGRAMME 75-23A &80-23A

Auction PROGRAMME for 2 plots 71-23a & 76-23A

Auction PROGRAMME for plot 90-23B

E-auction Notice for plot 71-23A_76-23A

E-Auction notice for SMP Kolkata PLOT no. 49-23A

Auction Notice for 12 plots

AUCTION SCHEDULE FOR 03 Plots of HDC Dated 19.09.2023 onwards


E-auction Notice for 6 plots of SMPK dated 18.07.2023

E-auction Notice for plot 12-23(D).

E-auction Notice for plot 8-23(B)

E-Auction NOtice for A-1 Plot

Auction Schedule for plots A6,A7,A9,A11

Auction for Plots A10

Auction for Plots A12, C1 and C2

e-Auction notice for A10 plot

e-Auction notice for A1 plot

E-auction notice for A5 plot

E-auction postponement notice dated 08.09.2022 for A6 plot

E-auction notice dated 07.09.2022 for A10 plot

E-auction notice dated 31.08.2022 for A6 and B1 plots

E-auction notice dated 05.08.2022

E-auction Notice for one plot of SMP dated 15.07.2022

E-auction notice dated 07.06.2022

e -Auction Schedule for 4 plots of SMP dated 18.05.2022

e -Auction Schedule for 4 plots of SMP dated 18.04.2022

E-Auction Schedule dated 15.02.2022

E-Auction notice for 6 plots dated 18.01.2022

e -Auction Schedule for 1 plot of SMP dated 24.12.2021

E-Auction Schedule dated 22.12.2021

e-Auction Schedule for 1 Plot of HDC dated 09.07.2021

Revised e-Auction Schedule for 4 Plots of SMP dated 30.06.2021

N.B. : Old data before 31-10-2021 is available in archives link.

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