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Live Tenders
1. Event No.MOIL/13-14/ET/13- AS PER NIT
2. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/385- Const of CC Road Drain RE Stre at Munsar Mine
3. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/436- Maintenance of Garden at Ukwa Mine
4. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/463- Creation of facilities for reduction of MnOre EMD
5. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/467- P n C of mtls from south staff qtr dump Tirodi Min
6. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/469- SupProvEre inst and comm of street light at Ukwa M
7. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/470- Purchase of Jaw Plates for Sayaji Make Jaw Crusher
8. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/471- Pushing of tubs from SDL faces at Gumgaon Mine
9. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/473- medicines

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/309 start on P and F floor WH and lamp room nr VS at Ukwa MIne
2. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/464 start on DesigFabriSuppErec Inst andcomm hoisCapofProdShaft
3. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/486 start on Borehole with casing for Sand Stowing at Ukwa Mine
4. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/487 start on Const Compound wall near workshop premises at Ukwa
5. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/488 start on TRACTION BATTERIES
6. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/476 start on UG concreting and extra excavation 1850 ft Ukwa Mi
7. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/477 start on Rec of Ferro and SM grd North magazine at Tirodi
8. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/478 start on ReliningandRepairing of 10Nos of Electrolytic Cell
9. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/479 start on Purchase of sand for UG concreting at Ukwa Mine
10. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/483 start on Replacementof smoke tubes Bed CoilTubesChemical Cl
11. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/484 start on Annual ope and maint cont of HEMM at D B Mine
12. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/489 start on Const of SSP Bunkr First Vertical Shaft Ukwa Mine
13. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/490 start on Const of Vehicle parking shed at NWS NVS UM
14. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/491 start on Const of HT Panel room at 33 KV MSStn at Ukwa Mine
15. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/492 start on Const of new SR at near mine store at Ukwa mine
16. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/493 start on C D R of Garbedge 4m OD Well tru mecman t Kn Mine
17. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/495 start on Cleaning of AC Ducting at MOIL Bhavan HO Nagpur
18. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/496 start on Providing and Fixing paver Block in DB Mine
19. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/497 start on P Furn nd Int work for chem of D HR at MOIL Bhavan
20. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/480 start on Cleaning of surplus UG rom at Munsar Mine
21. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/481 start on UG drivage for loco battery charging 1750 ft Ukwa
22. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/482 start on Rem of waste rock and Mn rock at Dongri Buzurg Min
23. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/494 start on DIAMOND DRILLING ACCESSORIES
24. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/465 start on DesigProcSuppInst andcommof hoistingCapofProdShaft
25. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/1 start on Pushing of tubs in UG at Chikla Mine
26. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/2 start on P n C of mtls from 5 nos dump at Sitapatore mine
27. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/3 start on Washing picking collection mtls D dump at Tirodi
28. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/4 start on Loading unloading tranportation of hutch Balaghat
29. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/5 start on UG Dev of ore drive 13 and half level Balaghat Min
30. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/6 start on UG Dev at 13 and half level South sect Balaghat
31. Event No. MOIL/18-19/ET/7 start on UG Dev at 12 level South section Balaghat mine
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