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Live Tenders
1. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/30- Sinking of v-shaft surface to 6th L at Balaghat
2. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/44- Construction of CC Road at Balaghat Mine
3. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/46- Renovation of Toilets at MOIL Bhavan Nagput
4. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/54- e-Procurement of Safety Gum Boots -Rubber and PVC
5. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/55- WE-11 Dt.17 VCB Panel 7 items.
6. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/57- Sampling and analysis of respirable dust
7. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/59- Raking of raw materials preparation of sand beds
8. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/62- Hydraulic Vibro Ripper attachment for Excavator
9. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/63- e-Procurement of Safety Rubber Ankle Boots from MS
10. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/64- Dry Density Separation Unites Complete With PLC
11. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/65- e-Procurement of Miners Canvas Safety Boots from
13. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/67- Picking and collection of mtls at Tirodi Mine
14. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/68- Pick and collectn of ferro and SM at Tirodi Mine
15. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/69- Picking and collection of mtls at Tirodi Mine
16. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/70- Cleaning of ROM from pit No 6 at Sitapatore mine
17. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/71- Cleaning of ROM from pit No 5 at Sitapatore mine
18. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/72- Cleaning of surplus opencast ROM at Kandri Mine
19. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/73- Cleaning of surplus UG ROM at Kandri Mine
20. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/74- Picking and collection of UKL-448 at Ukwa Mine
21. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/75- Supply of black gitti for concreting at Munsar min
22. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/79- Water Supply Scheme for Dongribuzurg Mine
23. Event No.MOIL/17-18/ET/83- Construction of Surface Infrastructures at Chikla

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/84 start on Prov Furniture Interior work for company Sec HO
2. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/85 start on Extension Entrance Adit RCC Portal Munsar
3. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/86 start on Repair roof Fixing PVC false celling CMD BunglowHO
4. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/87 start on Construction of additional BDC Shed Kandri Mine
5. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/88 start on Const of cement concrete road camp area Beldongri
6. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/89 start on Annual Repair of camp quarters at Kandri Mine
7. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/90 start on Const Office Building and shed V shaft Chikla Mine
8. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/91 start on Water proofing old substation and HT Room Chikla
9. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/96 start on HDPE BAGS
10. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/76 start on Transportation of ROM tub at Beldongri Mine
11. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/77 start on Transportation of UG and surface tubs at Kandri
12. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/78 start on Cleaning of surplus UG ROM at Munsar Mine
13. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/80 start on Additional Excavation in magn rock at Gumgaom mine
14. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/81 start on e-procurement of Tramline Accessories
15. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/92 start on Maintenance of Garden various places Chikla
16. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/93 start on Const Boundary wall for ADM Building Sitapatore
17. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/94 start on Const 15 Nos Bath and Toilet camp Qtrs at Tirodi
18. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/95 start on Installation Retro reflective Sign Board Balaghat
19. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/61 start on DISPATCH WORK OF ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17
20. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/56 start on WE-10 EPABX SYSTEM  4 SETS
21. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/100 start on TCT DRILL RODS
22. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/98 start on Picking and collectin of material from contaminate
23. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/99 start on Picking and collectin of material from contaminate
24. Event No. MOIL/17-18/ET/97 start on e-procurement of Cage Suspension Gears - 3 items
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