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1. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/77 for AMC for Telephone Maintenance and Repairing 3 year
2. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/72 for All Gases in single Instrument
3. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/75 for Sky Imager for Automatic Cloud Detection
4. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/82 for Purchase of LLN Sensors - Qty 28 Nos
5. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/46 for Supply and installation of Canopy
6. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/79 for Supply and Installation of Modular Furniture
7. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/76 for Consolidated Server Infrastructure Solution
8. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/63 for Purchase of Instrumented Aircraft System
9. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/69 for N-CMC for workstations
10. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/80 for Supply and Installation of AQMS and Walkway Shelte
11. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/81 for Supply and installation of Air Quality DDS
12. Tender No. IITM/17-18/ET/78 for Internal Painting work for Shishir Housing

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