How to register?


For registration you have to log into MSTC Auction Web site.


Detailed procedure is at the end of this page


How do I bid ?

On successful registration, you can login to our website select your desired e-auction, complete the documentation and the EMD stated in the catalogue and bid for the required item..

What is the Eligibility criteria?


As per respective e-auction catalogue.


How many auctions can I bid on?

There is no limit to the number of auctions you can bid. So long an auction is active you can bid as many as you like.

What is the difference between straight bidding and automatic bidding ?

You can bid on an item by straight bidding or automatic bidding (automatic bidding is also referred to as "proxy bidding").

Straight bidding :

Enter an amount higher than the current winning bid and click the bid button. Your bid will be accepted.

Automatic bidding (Proxy Bidding) :

Automatic bidding places bids on your behalf at pre specified increments. Simply enter your maximum bid (the highest amount you are willing to pay), and the increment amount. For example, if present H1 bid is 100 per unit say, and a autobidder bids 2000 as maximum and 3 as increment, then system will record his bid as 103 keeping a track of maximum 2000 and increment Rs.3. If any other bidder bids any amount above 103/- , then system will record autobidder H1 bid as 103 + 3 x no of minimum increments required to exceed the other bidders H1 bid amount till the autobidder's maximum is reached. One bidder can bid only one autobid per item at any time before the close of that lot.  

What are the bid increments ?

Any new bid must be greater than the current high bid. The minimum additional amount you're required to add on the previous bid is called the bid increment.

Can I cancel my bid ?

After you place a bid on the auction item page, you cannot cancel the bid. So before you bid, be very careful whether you are willing to bid or you have the sufficient fund to purchase the item in case you win the bid.

What is a reserve price?

The reserve price is the lowest price the seller is willing to accept for the auction item. It is not visible.
How do I know that my bid was accepted?

During the bidding process, you will see the highest bid on the Bid page. If your bid is the highest, the page will show you the highest bid. (This doesn't mean that you've won the auction, only that your bid is currently the highest bid. To win, the auction must close without any higher bids.) 

I've been outbid! What should I do ?

You have to be vigil on the auction floor. Once you find that a bid has appeared which is higher than the bid you made, you have to re-bid.

How do I ask the seller a question ?

You can email the seller. In fact it will be little required in the context of auction floated in MSTC Auction site as you have to contact MSTC with queries on any auction. MSTC acts as a facilitator of its principal (seller) for conducting its auction.

I won the auction. What do I do next ?

You will be informed by email when you win an auction.

What if I receive something materially different from the auction description ?

It is the duty of the buyer to physically inspect the materials at the sellers location prior to the auction start.

How do I rate the seller ?

It is through your personal experience in dealing with the seller that you can rate the seller.

Detailed procedure for registration  as below.


Please login to our website  please click Plot Sale LINK


a.       Please  Click ‘For Plot Sale Register Here’


c.     Please  Click “Register As Buyer” option on the page General Terms & Conditions


d.       Please  Click “Agree” on the page BUYER SPECIFIC TERMS & CONDITIONS


e.     Fill the Buyer Registration Form (all fields marked with * are mandatory & must be filled).


f.         Select User id and Password and keep a note of the same


g.        After filling up the form click “Submit”


After successful completion of online registration


         I.                        The customers are to submit one time of non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 2248/- (inclusive of Service Tax) in the form of DD/PO in favour of MSTC Ltd., payable at Kolkata.

       II.                        The customers are to submit  photocopy of Pan Card of the organization duly notarized.

      III.                        A certificate from the Bank certifying details of Bank account mentioned by the customers.

    IV.                        A photo-copy of the Pan Card or Driving Licence of the contact person duly notarized.

      V.                        Two Passport-size colour photographs of the contact persons.

    VI.                        Copy of the e-mail confirmation letter received from MSTC after successful completion of online registration duly signed by the customer..



You may also call our executives.


In case of any problem please contact


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